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6 Kind of Perm for Different Curly Hairstyles

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Here’s the explanation of the term that you need. Which style suits you? Let’s check it out!

Perm or permanent waves, a hair care that makes your hair has a curly hairstyle. The process uses a special product that can damage and change the hair structure. In addition, hair heating, hair rollers, hair rods or curling irons are required. Don’t mistakenly think that the hair’s final result which is permed like afro hair.

You can choose hair curler’s size according to the final result that you desire. Starting from small curling like ringlets until big curly hair like beach waves which is hip and trendy. Perming usually can last up to 6 months more. It won’t fade, but your new growing hair will still follow your hair’s natural form.

Take note that perming is better when applied to thick and not dry or damaged hair. The perming process uses hard material hair products that can make hair drier and drier. Therefore, to perm your hair you had better fix it first.

  1. Root Perm

It’s the right choice for your curly hair to perm. As its name, curling on this hairstyle starts from hair follicles to give the texture and increase the impression hair volume. The result depends on how long and how many layers of your hair. This style can be done on long and short hair.

  1. Multi-textured Perm

It depends on the type of your hair, sometimes perming makes your hair look obviously finished curled. You can try multi-textured perm using many various hair rods to create the various size of ringlets on your hair. The final curls look more natural to your face.

  1. Spiral Perm

The difference between spiral perm and another perm is the size of the curly hair. Large curls in each hair part have different sizes and lengths. It can make curling looks natural. The shape is usually spiral and not bend like ringlets.

  1. Partial Perm or Permanent Blow Out

This perming technique is to be curling the bottom hair. In order to make the blow results look natural, usually, the root and middle part of the hair is just left alone.

  1. Body Perm

This hairstyle is a technique of curling hair by making waves that naturally thread down and making your hair look to be volume. It’s suitable for your thin and limp hair.

Have you decided to try which curly style? If you’re still unsatisfied, I have a lot of inspiration curly hair that you can choose!

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