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An easy way to make crochet styles with Marley’s hair

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There are various hair models that are being famous now, ranging from straight hair to curly hair. Some of this hairstyle is even much in popular by the artist, so it becomes the latest hairstyle. There are many reasons why some of these hairstyles become popular. Just like has a modern model, beautiful shape, and unusual colors.

It’s all the latest and modern hairstyle, but what if you try something a new hairstyle? an unusual hairstyle like hairstyle crochet styles with Marley’s hair. This hairstyle can be used as an alternative to your latest hairstyle, maybe if at this time you are bored with some general hairstyle.

Crochet styles with Marley hair itself are one of hairstyle quite famous in various parts of the world, such as around in African region and become one of the Ethiopian trend hairstyles. In addition, this hairstyle is also quite popular in the 90s, and currently popular again in some people who like the type of hair that is unusual and different from most hair models in general.

Not only that there are other advantages if have crochet styles with Marley’s hair just like can avoid hair from hair loss. Of course, this is suitable for people who often experience hair loss, or fear if their hair will fall when trying some various hair models that require a lot of hot equipment such as hairdryer, hair straightener etc.

This is different from crochet styles with Marley’s hair is more simple in the treatment and process, does not require a lot of equipment. You just need hairspray, hair clip, shower cap, a product for curling or other, hairdryer. Steps you can do, first, you must wash your hair after that can add conditioner too in order to make hair softer. Dry with towel wait a moment when the hair is half dry about 80% add product for curling or other, take up it and round 1 to 2 inc then turning take after a rope.

Then clip your hair using hair clip repeat this step until all your hair is perfectly formed to be like crochet styles with Marley’s hair. Use a shower cap and leave it overnight In the morning, off the shower cap then dry your hair slightly using a hair dryer while interrupting with your fingers. If you do not want permanent curling can also not use the product for curling, but use hairspray in the last stage to make it hold.



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