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Braid styles inspiration for Simple and Elegant Style to Various Events

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Many consider that braid styles pictures are identical to the child’s hairstyle, this is because many children use that style to their hair. In addition to more easily in styling, with this style hair looks more simple too. Not only that braided hairstyle will also give the impression funny so it is suitable for children who will look cuter.

But what happens if an adult uses braid styles pictures, does it look like a kid? Of course not, the braided hairstyle is not identical with small children. Already many hair stylists who have adopted hair braids as a hairstyle trend worth a try. Style hair does not always look boring, funny and innocent like a child.Currently, many different models of hair braids that look more modern have a simple and elegant impression. Even this hairstyle you can use to various events, you do not be afraid to look like a child, if you smart to choose the right hairstyle braids. as for some inspiration, models braid styles pictures that can be tried among others as follows.

  1. Simple Twist Braid

Hairstyle braids that you can use for everyday activities are perfect complement your casual appearance. Simply braid and unite the two sides of the hair, you’ve got a charming appearance and neat. This braid style will look more beautiful with bubble hair groupies.

  1. The braided bun

One of braid hairstyle you can try is a braided bun, this hair type suitable for use in a various formal event, you can use this style for meeting event with client or dinner. Various formal events you can come up with a different style hair an elegant and modern look. As for hair samples that you can sample such as Lea Michele’s hairstyle. You just need like hairdryer, round hair comb, bobby pins, and do not forget hair mousse to facilitate your hair styling. This braid style is most fitted styled with long hair. Bunch both sides and put them together in a bun.

  1. Side Braid

The side braid is a trend now because it is not too complicated if you want to use it, as the name of the hair part of the braid is just the front bangs. This braided hairstyle is suitable for those of you have short hair, other than that braided hairstyles for natural hair that can be a trick to disguise your bangs are not too long.


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