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Comb over hairstyles for man can be made inspiration

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Comb over hairstyles for men quite popular today after being popularized by some artists like Justin Timberlake and Clooney. Comb over hairstyles has a different aesthetic in hairstyles today. As it shows more of the modern side with a simple and contemporary look. So suitable for men need something simple but still look stylish.

Comb over hairstyles for men is a favorite among brokers and salesmen, men love it regardless of the various hairstyles that are becoming the current trend like Pinterest cornrows and various other hairstyles. Comb over hairstyle that consists of long hair on the comb to the side or back with the side and rear of the head that tends to be diluted. Has the advantage can be adopted almost all the characters face. There are several options comb that can be made in the inspiration among others as follows.

  1. Low Fade Comb Over

Having a classic look with gradation features faded into pieces, you will get a contemporary hairstyle. By starting to attenuate the sides or behind the ears, allowing a smoother transition into an elongated up. Comb over this is a natural look suitable for a bearded man or someone looking for a traditional trend style of conservative past.

  1. Medium Fade Comb Over

The gradation fades higher than the conservative low consecutive gradation but allows for space to attenuate the elongated long hair. The hair part begins to fade over his ears through the style is thick, will look the difference with your long hair at the top. This style is perfect for straight hair types.

  1. High Fade Comb Over

Comb over hairstyles for men of this type is usually suitable for someone who is more free-spirited, gives a high fade gradation to attract attention and shows an elongated shaving line with a slightly tapered thin space. Line Cut is the attraction of this show free and modern impression.

  1. Short Comb Over

The hairstyle looks neater without using a lot of hair for the style ya, suitable for those of you who want a style but do not want to complicate. Your look will more masculine by using a suit and equipped with a comb that smoothed short hair. Short combo over will provide a more refined aesthetic picture with a neat haircut.

  1. Long Comb Over

For people who want to get the upper side of the hair longer with a little towering long comb-over is the right choice. Pieces that show the front side of the hair more dangling classical style. Currently there are various options comb over hairstyles for men more modern with various shapes but still have a characteristic in the rest of the more hair that will dangle. You can use a hairdryer to add some volume at the top or control it with pomade. Long hair allows flexibility and can incorporate it with a comb upward.

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