Level 3 Tanning Beds

Hot Spots Level 3 Tanning Beds feature a 10 minute tantime and amazing results.

ibed is a 12 min tan time with a 4 min afterbronzer on your face and neck.
*swing facials,misty breeze, mp3 compatible soundsystem, powerspot shoulder/neck tanners

If you haven't tried our iBed you are missing out.








Level 2 Standups

Hot Spots Level 2 Standups are the strongest available in the industry.

Featuring the comfortable airflow around your body as you tan keeping you cool and relaxed during your tanning session.

The suncapsule 250 max is everything you ever wanted in a vertical tanning system and more.

This state-of-the-art tanning machine is the world's first and only ultra high performance 250 watt tanning system that delivers more uva imaginable and darkest tan possible in only 7 min.








Level 2 Tanning Beds

Hot Spots Level 2 tanning beds feature a 12 minute maximum tantime.

The UWE S-Class is legendary for it's performance and features. Offering tanners a fully adjustable tanning experience.

  • Adjustable High Pressure Facials
  • Full Body Cooling Mist
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Comfort Control on-board air conditioning



Level 1

Hot Spots Level 1 tanning beds feature strong tanning results in a comfortable environment with cooling facial and body fans.

kbl 3500 is an entry level bed, it will surley exceed all of your expectations. enjoying a relaxing 12 min session.

Contoured acyrilics provide comfortable experience, integrated cooling system with full adjustments.

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