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Hairstyle buns images

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Hairstyle buns images one of the alternative hairstyles can be made into hair model choice for various activities. You can find some references to this hairstyle if the first hair bun model is identic with something old and formal. Because usually hairstyle buns often used by oldster and formal events.

But now the bun has been reformed more in the modern direction, the use of bun is not limited to formal events and not also identified with the parents. The bun can be used for type casual events or other events such as going to parties. Because there are many forms of buns are more modern and do not look too formal.

There are types of hairstyle buns are famous and become a trend, even many artists use it, you can try to find hairstyle buns images in kind of sources on the internet, so it can determine the appropriate hairstyles as desired. The bun has been worn since ancient Egypt, about 4000 years ago. Generally used for religious purposes, overcoming the heat of the air (extreme weather), and in terms of cleanliness.

Ancient Egyptian men and women have a habit of shaving the head of his hair. By wearing a bun (with a shape elongated under the shoulders), the need for health, identity / social status, and perfection of appearance can be fulfilled. Along with the times, change the model and usability of the bun. The point is still the same that modifies the shape of the hair to look different, more beautiful and neat. Especially for wedding processions or other formal events. Hairstyle buns images have options like a modern bun and a short hair bun.

  1. Modern Bun

Have a more simple design, and sometimes do not require toupee (generally for long-haired). Modern buns no longer use Sasak methods like traditional buns, which can sometimes hurt the person to be the bun. Modern buns prioritize the use of genuine hair owned, so extra hair is not needed anymore. Generally, hair is bun is a long female hair because it is easier to be formed and modeled.

  1. Short Hair Bun

Hairstyle buns other images for those of you who have short hair, if your hair along the shoulder or almost shoulder, they can use your own hair (Without a fake bun). However, if the length of your hair is less than that or is classified as extra short, it can wear the artificial bun. In general, the principle of short hair with long hair but not much different, the difference is only on the volume and length of hair. A short hair bun requires extra patience and thoroughness, in order to produce a nice and neat bun. Short Bun hair can be created with various forms of models, namely: Side Bun, Low Neck Bun, Messy Back Bun, Braided Back Bun, Twisted Low Bun, Ballerina Bun, Messy Loose Bun, Pinned Bun Side, Small Nape Bun, The bride, and groom


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