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Short Hair For Round Faces 2016

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Short hair does impress fresh and novelty on everyone’s face. Especially for women who have a round face pattern, short hair can disguise the shape of your face. But if one piece or wrong one model even make your face more assertive with round shape. Short Hair For Round Faces 2016 which was widely used is a blonde bob model. This hair model is one model that is attractive and beautiful because it can be said semi Long hair because only cut to the shoulders.

The resulting hair effect is the taper and it is suitable for a face with chubby cheeks. Short Hair For Round Faces 2016 is another layer style. The hairstyle is a lot of choice for women because this hair can be say short but also some people say Longhair. Because of the layer that causes the cut, there is a Long that is in the ear line and the long part of it up to the bottom of the shoulder. In addition to looking elegant, this hairstyle can be the braid.

Hair model can be in braids with simple braids with three parts. Even Quick Braiding Styles you can use if your time hurries up. Easily degrade your hair, comb it neatly and smoothly. Then divide your hair into three parts from the top of the head. Then cross from the left to the middle and cross the right side up the middle. Go forward by repeating the step until the end of the hair.

Because you use the Short Hair For Round Faces 2016 model layer style, the Quick Braiding Styles will not be neat. Because the hair length is not the same. But the mess of braid hair layer let it naturally. With that, it will produce a mess that remains funny and natural. Once your braids are so, don’t get the wrong clothes. Because in addition to dropped confidence, the wrong costume will also make you look weird.

Combine the braided hair with casual clothing. If you don’t get in the fashion market, you can search Sew In Ideas from some clothes that you have with the addition of a touch of novelty to look after the times. In addition, Sew In Ideas can we get from what is used by others. Can we take the idea of additional innovation from the results of our thinking that would fit our body shape? Then adjust it!

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