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Various Cornrow Hairstyles

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Cornrow is a braided hairstyle which has been famous since a long time ago. Let’s check it out!

You may often see people with cornrow mode hairstyle. Some your favorite high-level celebrity and blogger and influencer have even changed their hairstyles to this iconic cornrow hairstyle. However how far you know this hairstyle that its history can be found since thousands ago?

In Africa, this hairstyle related to many aspects of life such as religion, family, status, age, and also another identity attributes. It has a cultural value which has been inherited from generation to generation. Its technique nowadays is regarded to be a valuable masterpiece on its development into popular culture. Cornrow is a cultural intact product which has esthetic value.

Many various cornrow hairstyle such as the ponytail, side braid, etc. its characteristic put on braids which makes to be tightly rows and seems stick on the scalp. Cornrow is more alike Dutch braid than French braid. Because the final result of braids appears to jut. The difference is when we make Dutch braid mode we usually draw a little our hair in order to the final result of braid is not to patch on our scalp. While cornrow just the opposite, we try to make braid seems to stick on our scalp clearly.

Now let me give you many inspirations of cornrow hairstyle which you can try to!

  1. Classic Cornrow

This Classic cornrow mode is well-known and iconic. Just take advantage your long hair to try to this mode. The braid patterns should not always straight and have the same size. Be creative! You can combine some kind of braid’s size with a different pattern such as use some hair accessories to complete your appearance or give a flower to add feminine impression. Don’t hesitate to try to mix zigzag or circular mode! Sometimes minimalist accent can bear maximal appearance. This style, you can try to attend an outdoor music festival. Soulful and bohemian at the same time!

  1. Glam Cornrow

This cornrow mode becomes favorite hairstyle this year. A big braid’s size can give you difference impression. In order to look more glamorous, just make a bun by your braid and then bind with satin hairbands.

  1. Side Cornrow

This cornrow hairstyle doesn’t need to be applied to all of your hair. This chic braid can you make sweetener accents on the front of the hair. Use temporary bright hair dye to make you look hip and trendy.

Interested to try to vary these cornrow hairstyles? Thanks for the readers. I hope this article can help you so much.

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